Permanent Makeup
No more expensive department store cosmetics
Reduce your "Get Ready" time in half
Work-out, swim, shower or cry without smearing you makeup!
Permanent Make-up is the process of implanting a specialized pigment into an area of the skin for the enhancement of eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color and shape.  The procedure is completely safe and in many cases virtually painless.
Permanent Makeup will give you years of pleasure, beauty and extra time.  Natural and beautiful results.

Before/After photos taken 5 mins after Procedure
  • Eyebrows                   400.00
  • Lip Liner                    425.00
  • Eyeliner
  • Top or Bottom               250.00              
  • Top and Bottom             400.00
  • Full Lips                     495.00
  • Touch-up                    95.00
  • Corrective                 Call for details    
 Free Initial Consultation Analysis ($200.00 Value)

Permanent Makeup is a two step process.  First initial procedure, then follow up/ touch up procedure.  Your follow up/touch up procedure must be completed within 90 days, or an additional fee will be applied
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